JGA HypercarePlus

The period immediately following a new product go-live launch is critical for successfully transitioning to any new technology. Because this period is so important, JGA treats this time, known as Hypercare, with the precision and partnership required to help maximize success. In JGA’s HypercarePlus offering, we work with your team to ensure a smooth cutover and the support leadership necessary to address any obstacles within the first weeks of the implementation.

Our Cutover Planning & Hypercare Services include:

  • Comprehensive Assessment of Technical Cutover Plan
  • Build an All-Encompassing Cutover Plan (incl. People, Process & Technology)
  • SME support of roll-back planning efforts and outline of test scenarios to support system roll-back
  • Change Management Plan (with Communication Strategy)
  • Lead the Cutover Process
  • Cutover and Hypercare Training

As part of this process, JGA focuses on Knowledge Transfer and partnership as the focal point post Hypercare. Working together through the process ensures a smooth transition into stable support and the tools for our client partners to empower the decision-makers for future implementations of technology ownership.