We make delivery

JGA is a supply chain system integrator focused on the Manhattan Associates product suite. Our product specialties include WMOS, WMi/PKMS, LMS, TMS, and DOM.

We work with a trusted network of independent contractors with a collective of hundreds of years of experience and hundreds of implementations focused on a wide array of Manhattan products.

We continue to work in a variety of industries, from life-sciences to apparel, with a multitude of flows (Retail, Omni-channel, and eCommerce) and complexities (basic to highly automated with MHE   integration).

We focus on partnering with our clients to deliver a solution with the goal of building a COE and enabling clients to own their process and solution internally.

Experience Matters!

Who We Are

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide customer-sustainable supply chain solutions by providing clients a partnership founded on trusted experience and innovation.

Our Vision

For us to partner with clients to successfully implement supply chain systems and smoothly transition system complex ownership.

Our Promise

Experience. Passion. Honesty. Accountability.

Our Vibe

At JGA, we obsess over partnering to deliver creative solutions and reinvent what’s possible.